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Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys,

I am patiently waiting to receive some new product samples so that I can review with you guys.


Purex Soap

I’ve actually been using this product now for over two months. I started off by using the samples (no longer available). With a one load sample came a coupon for $3 off. As you know I love to save, so I have been buying purex regularly after getting the samples with coupons.

I have sensitive skin, and often even laundry soap can break out my skin. I am always leery of trying new soaps, as it’s often an expensive venture. The sample however allowed me wash one load of laundry and see if I was allergic.

The detergent is colored blue. I have usually added it in the washer before I load my clothes because of the blue coloring. With other colored detergents I have had my clothes stained. A little bit of this detergent goes a long way, as it is 2X concentrated.

All the caps have a measurement in it 1, 2, 3, depending on the size of your load. Follow it, or you will be going through a lot of detergent when you don’t need to. I have used the regular purex, purex clean and the purex with zout. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between the two. I think that it is personal choice.

My favorite out of the three is Purex Clean, mainly because it is better for the enviroment and doesn’t contain the dye. I have found all the three to do a good job at cleaning the clothes, they do leave behind a slight smell, but if you hang your clothing on the line that goes away. This is important to note for those who work in jobs that are scent free.

I have had no issues with allergic reactions, the soap is sudsy even in hard water. For the price it is worth buying on sale with is around $3.99 pretty regularly. If samples come back around I will post so that you can try it out yourself.


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