The Maven Box Arrived

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just got a “maven box” by julep.

A maven box is the same thing as a luxxe box or glymm box except not cosmetics but nail care. It is put out by the company Julep. You can get one box, or get boxes delivered monthly. The box is expensive, costing $19.99, but this includes shipping and taxes.

What is included in the box are all products from Julep. They contain at least $40 worth of products, all full size. You fill out a survey that decides what products you are going to get and you get a preview of the products before it gets mailed.

I found a 50% off code on a nail enthusiast blog, so I decided for $10, I would try it out for this month. I am glad I did.

It took about 10 days to come in the mail. I got a small black box in the mail. Inside the box was a welcome letter (hand signed) and a letter explaining the contents of the box, costs etc.

Then there was a nice paper gift bag, tied with a bright pink ribbon. Inside the bag were my products:

A full sized bottle of a handscrub worth $36.
Two one use samples of handscrub and moisturizer.
Wrapped in bright pink tissue paper: two nail polishes worth $14 each, and a vitamin e nail care basecoat worth $16.

So my box for this month which I paid $10 came with $80 worth of product.

You can also choose to have these boxes sent to a friend as a gift. In my opinion it is well worth it. If you have $20 to spare a month, it would be a nice treat to get (I don’t have the $20 a month, but if I did I would get this).

The products are very good quality, I tried the polish out tonight, and it is so much nicer than my usual drugstore brands. Little smell to them and they have such a smooth finish. I appreciate that one of the bottles was the vitamin E basecoat. They would have sent this to me based on my sign up preferences. If my partner were working, this would be a definite monthly thing for me to get.

I am very happy with this product. Even at $20, I urge you to try it out. I was very surprized by full sized items. Well done julep, well done.

You can get this at :


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