Hope for the Future. We are getting a school!

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just came back from a community meeting, where there was much joy in the air. The elementary/junior high school had closed down about 10 years ago due to mold issues. The children are currently being bussed to a Miramichi an hour away to attend school. Twice in the past there has been news of a school happening but an election caused a new government that didn’t uphold the past governments promises etc. I just moved here so I don’t know a lot of the long battle it’s been to get to this point, but I know there has been a lot of lobbying government and petitioning, a lot of hardwork.

Today, the community heard the news it longed to hear. They are getting a school, with an attached community center and library. It is hoped that the work may start and be completed by August 2013.

It offers hope for an area that has been hard hit by mill closures, loss of young people (those under 60) to the jobs out west and lack of jobs in their hometown.

It is just such great news for an area that has been hit so hard in the past. I had to share the joy.

It was huge news. There are closer schools, one for French kids, and one for First Nation kids. The english non-first nation kids, are bussed almost an hour. We are basically an English community surrounded by French and First Nation communities. So it’s difficult when the kids have to bus an hour away.

This offers a lot of hope, for an area that has seen some pretty bad times. It is very exciting. I think it may also cause new people to move into the community, as there will be a school there for their children to attend.

It makes me feel better, as once we adopt, our child will have a school to attend in town. I’d be nervous having my child bus an hour away.

The people in town are overjoyed. They did a lot of work for this, and for 10 years they have fought for a school.


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