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It is amazing to go through life and never have the amount of stress or disappointment that I am experiencing right now. It is a huge struggle. I feel like we are getting farther and farther buried in debt. We are being frugal with money, but it seems like there is always another bill that comes up and needs to be paid.

H and R Block messed up on our taxes, again. I had a horrible conversation with the CRA today. They are so mean and not understanding. Even though it was H and R Block that made the big mistake. This is the third year now that our taxes have been done and messed up by them. The last mistake took over a year to fix.

We pay pretty high fee’s for them to do our taxes, but they just continue to screw them up. They don’t even seem to know the tax law, so what is the purpose of having them do our taxes?

So my partner has had no luck looking for work. I am really starting to get worried as I see our bills piling up, and I cannot afford to pay all of the bills with only my pay. At least we do not have children, and the cats have enough cat food to last for a while. I am tired of struggling, the tax bill today was just the icing on the cake. We don’t have the money to pay these things, but they keep coming up.

The brakes on the car had to be done, they were seriously bad. So that was $1000. We needed snow tires, that was $1200. We just can’t seem to catch a break. I am worrying myself sick. My payroll at work, still has not fixed my deduction problems, so it means at tax time, I am going to be in serious trouble, due to a mistake on behalf of the payroll company.

I applied for repayment assistance with my student loans, but it doesn’t look like I am going to get that. We didn’t qualify for my partner’s repayment assistance, even though he is not working right now. I don’t know where this money is going to come from to pay all of these bills. I keep praying to God, for some help here. I’m at the end of my rope.


Sinking instead of swimming

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Right now I feel like we are sinking instead of swimming. I seem to spend hours looking at and trying to redo budgets. The numbers just do not work out, this is really difficult. I feel as if I can barely breathe. We are trying to cut back, but it would appear we are not cutting back enough. I don’t know where the money goes. We are going to have to mark down every dollar, because right now, every dollar does indeed count.

Even as a student we had more money. This is so hard. I think the biggest mistake we made, was me getting a student loan. I should have worked more hours instead of taking out the ease of a loan. As now they want to be repaid, and we just do not have the money to repay them. Lesson learned, nothing comes easy.

What is horrible is the interest rate the government is charging, it is obscene, almost 7%, so each day, my loans are charged almost $8 in interest.

So I had a meeting with a financial Councillor to try and come up with a plan. Her plan, just default on one of the loans. That is not a good plan, and not something we want to do, as that can have an effect on everything we ever want to do, such as get a new car, rent an apartment, buy a house etc.

There do not seem to be any job prospects here. My partner just heard back from the last interview he had, saying he did not get the job. This was his second interview in four months. So where do we go from here?

I pictured adult life being quite a bit different, I didn’t envision all these struggles. We are drowning slowly. The stress is very hard to handle. I’m crying all the time, at the push of a button I cry. This isn’t healthy. I am contemplating trying to take on a part-time job, but the question comes up, what part-time job can I even get, I do not speak french, so that excludes me from most, if not all of them.