Brother MFC series printers- The good, the bad and the ugly

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

So we have been using this printer for the last seven months. To be honest, it is more frustration that anything.


It is supposed to be an all in one printer suitable for a small office. It however is more of a printer suitable for the home office, not an office that does any reasonable amount of photocopying.

My first problem with the printer is that when printing, the printer doesn’t hold more than 20 printed pages before the pages begin to fall on the floor and the printer jams.

My second problem is that the printer seems to use a large amount of toner. The toner is easy to replace, but it is pricey. Each color has a different toner cartridge. If one of the toners is empty, the printer stops working, and will not print in the alternate colors. This means always having four toner cartridges available.

After about seven months of use, we found out today that the drums need to be replaces as well after a certain number of copies. This is an added expense.

The machine is fairly loud given it’s small size, it also throws off a good amount of heat when on standby.

Yet another problem is the faxing function. It isn’t a machine that one can leave hooked up to the fax, if you are running your phone and fax on the same line, as the fax will pick up after 4-5 rings. There is no way to shut this feature off, without shutting off the fax function. Now you might be asking well why is that a problem, the problem is that the fax clicks on before the voicemail does, so the caller is faced with the fax signal sound instead of the voicemail. It took some missed messages to figure that out.

In order to print on both sides, it needs to be done manually, this is time consuming, given that it only holds 20 printed pages.

The printer looks nice, it’s on the cheaper side for all of the functions, but saving money isn’t worth the frustration. It just does not work if you have any amount of copying and printing to do each week. We print about 300-400 pgs per week, and this printer is inadequate for our printing needs.

  1. Anon. says:

    Most of the above complaints are common to all laser printers (not printing when any toner runs out, heat, drums needing replacement, etc.) and the one or two that aren’t such as the small paper out bin size are down to you not specifying the correct printer to begin with. This is not designed for large print runs but as a replacement for those who would usually choose an inkjet AIO. Brother do larger (and more expensive) models which are quicker, cheaper to run, do automatic duplexing and hold many more pages both in and out and one of those would have suited your needs better; that this is too ‘lightweight’ for your needs doesn’t make it a bad product.

    The noise I can’t comment on as that is subjective, however I own the the print-only version of this with the same engine and that is much quieter than previous lasers I’ve owned. It’d be worth getting a second opinion on it and possibly a warranty call whilst still covered.

    Finally, you’ll find that there are several receive modes for the fax function – in your situation you should select ‘external TAD’ so that the machine doesn’t answer the line but instead waits for something/someone else to answer the call and it will then play the fax tones for a few seconds (over your OGM) whilst listening for a response.

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