Olay Hair Remover Duo

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


This is a relatively new product from Olay. It hasn’t been on store shelves here in Canada for even a year yet. I’ve been using it for the last three months.

It costs $35 for one kit which has up to 12 applications. So what does it do?

It is a hair removal system for the lip, cheek, chin area. It basically dissolves the hair in about 10 minutes. You first smooth on a protecting balm (and believe me you do want to use the protecting balm) then you use the hair creme over it in a thick layer, wait up to 10 minutes and wipe off with papertowel, wash face with water.

This must be used on a clean face, so I use a product such as teraseptic so there is no residue left after cleansing.

Now I am not an overly hairy person, but with age hairs appear here and there. I use this product about once a month, once every two months. I find it works very well. I was shocked at the first time I used it, as it worked just that well.

The downside is that for 10 minutes you look like a fool with this creme smeared everywhere, if you put the creme on a spot that wasn’t first covered with the balm there is some irritation that does occur, and there is a slight chemical smell to the product. I would not use this product before going out somewhere, as with my pale skin, my skin appears red for a couple of hours.

The upside is that it works and it works well. It is cheaper than going to a salon, and depending on how much product you need to use, one package could last you a year. It is a fantastic product. great job Olay.



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