Satin Care® In-Shower Moisturizer

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer by Gillette

I’ve been using this product off and on since it came out over two years ago. I usually stick to the sensitive skin as I have sensitive skin. So what is the product?

Well, it’s a moisturizer that you can apply to wet skin and wash off. You can use it while showering and after shaving. I have used it on those days when my skin feels extra dry. The past two weeks I find myself using it almost every day. The smell is fantastic.

It takes some getting used to, as when you apply it, it doesn’t rub in like a lotion, it instead seems to stay on top of the skin. You also wash it off, as you would soap, but it doesn’t all wash off, when wet it feels more like a film on your skin. Basically when drying off it feels slightly sticky/oily, not a good feeling.

After a few minutes, skin feels silky and moisturized. I especially like using it on my elbows. I would not recommend it on areas where you normally break out such as face, neck or back. I also would not use it on feet, as it causes the tub to be slippery, so use care when using the product.

A little but goes a long way, and for busy people like me, it’s a great way to remember to moisturizer. I usually apply it after I condition my hair, so it allows the conditioner to set in for a moment or two.

You find it in the shaving care aisle.



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