The Voice: New Testament (with free download of John’s Gospel)

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The Voice New Testament

Thomas Nelson Bibles 2012


There are many different translations of the New Testament out there. It can be hard to choose what translation is best. The Voice is yet another translation of the NT.

So What is the Voice About?

The Voice is a translations that wants to make the scripture become a living world. This translation works towards making the voices within scripture come alive to tell the story. This means the scripture appears different on the page. Instead of saying “And He said” the scripture is indented differently to show the different voices speaking.

I have found this an interesting way to have scripture and I have used The Voice in worship. I have found it’s translation fairly close to the New Revised Standard Version. The Voice works well for dramatic readings of scripture.

When I used the Voice during a bible study, the participants found it a little confusing, so this translation does take a little bit of time to get used to. We found though through reading The Voice aloud, the scripture seems to flow better than in other translations.

I found through reading The Voice that I was entering into the scriptural narrative. I liked this translation, and I believe in the future this will be one of the translations I turn to when planning special services as it is easy for a reader to speak from.


Read the Gospel of John for Free:

I only wish that I had the OT Voice Translation as well as the NT Voice.

There are free exerpts available from The Voice Website:

Please Note that I have received a free copy of this book through the Thomas Nelson Publishing Company Blogger Program.


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