Rice Krispies Brown Rice (Gluten Free)

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized


Over the last three weeks I have enjoyed the new Kelloggs cereal, Rice Krispies Brown Rice. I’ve eaten Rice Krispies for most of my life. It’s always been a fall back cereal. It’s plain, old fashioned and just plain great. I approached the Brown Rice Variety with some hesitation.

Why make changes to a good thing?

The first bowl was a little strange, the cereal does not get soggy with milk like regular Rice Krispies does. It stayed crunchy until the last spoonful. That is a good thing. The texture is crisp and the cereal is in slightly larger pieces than the regular cereal. I just found the texture off putting. I like my cereal to start to get soggy in the bowl, it lets me know I am eating real food.

Traditional Rice Krispies are pretty plain tasting, but I found the Brown Rice variety was lacking even more in flavor. It was like eating cardboard. Unless you need to eat a Gluten free cereal I would not recommend this.

I don’t think I would chose to buy another box of this cereal again. It was alright but nothing special and lacking in flavor.

2/5 stars

I received a box as part of the Kellogg new product sampler program.


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