Book Review: Anything by Jennie Allen

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What is your Anything?

How do you wake up and Discover God’s will for your life?


Anything: The Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul

Author: Jennie Allen

Publisher: Thomas Nelson 2012


Jennie was living a pretty comfortable life as the wife of a rising Executive. She had all she could ask for, a nice home, plenty of money, friends and her daily starbucks. That was until she opened herself up to God.

It started with first her husband answering a call from God to change his life and instead of being an executive to follow God into Ministry. The struggle begins as Jennie works to support her husband in his dream and to learn what God wants from her.

Jennie writes to the reader, she shares her rollercoaster ride of emotions as she struggled to find out what it is God is wanting of her. I was however expecting more out of this book.

Jennie has written two Bible Studies in which she delves deep into spiritual and theological issues. I kept hoping that through reading Anything I would be able to delve into my own spiritual and theological issues. The book doesn’t really invite the reader in to think about thier own life.

To be honest as I read Anything I began to get upset with the author. I didn’t feel like Jennie really had to struggle that much. Her life changed, but she still lives a life of priviledge. She talks about how early on she felt called by God but her parents said no, so she continued on in the path her parents wanted her to take. I feel like during the whole book, the author continues to take the easier path. I was quiet honestly disappointed with the book.


Jennie has a great writing style, but I felt that the book could have gone deeper, it was lacking depth. I guess I was looking for more then what Jennie was offering. I do however think there is value in her idea to pray to God and be open to listening to what God has to say, even when it clashes against our own ideas for how our life should be.

Book has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Thomas Nelson.

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