Driving through the Country- Moose

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well it would appear that summer has come upon us here in the country. Driving around a semi-backroad into the first nations reserve to get to church, what do I come across, but a large female moose.

It was my first time seeing a moose up close. She was about 10 feet from the car before she galloped off into the cemetery. It was a little scary, but she was majestic. I can’t get over the size, at first I thought someone had lost their horse.

As I got up closer I could see that this was indeed not a horse, but at almost 7 feet tall, she was a moose weighing in at close to 800 lbs. She moved quite quickly off of the road and into the cemetery. I was close enough, about 5 feet away from her and I saw her face. She looked, well terrified, lost as she galloped around the headstones.

I wonder where she was going, if she was lost, what she thought about the changing environment, less wilderness and more construction. It was also kind of funny, to see this wild animal full of life running through the cemetery which is usually a place of death. It’s also strange, I saw a large male moose, around 1500 lbs on my first Sunday service here, and then on my last Sunday service I saw a large female moose.

The only two moose I have seen so far. I wonder what that represents?


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