Headache galore

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today it would appear I am suffering from one of the worst headache’s on earth. It has been 12 hrs and no relief, even my teeth hurt. I don’t have a family doctor, I am on a waiting list. So I have to wait this thing out. I tried calling the 811 healthline. They told me to see my doctor within 24 hrs. That would work if I had a family doctor.

They also confirmed that the walk-in clincs here do not deal with headaches, for that I would have to go and wait at the ER. That could be an 8-12hr wait. Not something i have the patience for right now. I’ve taken naproxen, I may take some tylenol and see if that makes a difference.


Do you have any hints on how to deal with bad headache pain?


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