Headache Galore: Update

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I called the 811 healthcare system here, seeing as I do not have a family physician. They reccomended based on my symptoms to see a doctor. My only option, the ER.

We head off to the ER at around 9:30pm. Register, or so I think. At around 1:30am, I find out, I didn’t get registered for some unknown reason. So we wasted 4.5hrs just sitting around an ER. I register and wait, the whole time my head pounding, my teeth even hurt.

We wait until almost 4am. That is when I decide that it just wasn’t worth it to waste more time in the ER and we head home. I never did get to see a doctor.

Over 6hrs wasted and no relief. What a healthcare system we have here Canada.

The bad part was, I had seen at least 7 other people leave the ER without treatment. Including more than one who had more serious injury.

There is a severe doctor shortage here in NB, and in most of Canada. For myself, with what I think now was a severe migraine, I was looking at a 16hr wait to see a doctor. That is ridiculous, our healthcare system needs to be revamped.

A large part of the problem is that we do not have enough nursing home beds, so we have seniors laying in hospital beds as they wait to get into a nursing home. In Miramichi out of the 120 beds, 80 beds were being used for long term care, seniors waiting for a nursing home bed.

I visited with a lady every week for over a year as she waited for a nursing home bed. She died before that bed became available.

I am wondering how many people do not receive medical care, because those hospital beds are not available.

The waiting list right now for a doctor is over 5000 people, and about 6 years here in Fredericton, or so I was told. 6 years until a person can access regular medical care. That is unreal.


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