New Brunswick Rant: No Recycling

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My rant is about New Brunswick. Other provinces are encouraged to recycle, compost etc. When I lived in rural and metro Nova Scotia and when I lived in rural (cottage country) Ontario both were picked up at the curb.

I move to New Brunswick and recycling is next to impossible, and forget about composting. I cannot believe in this day and age a province that is so backwards in the recycling department.

When I lived in Rural New Brunswick, I can understand they don’t do the recycling pick-up ( far distance between houses etc) so, you need to drive to a drop off box. Compost, you can do that in your backyard. Okay I get it, I guess. The closest deposit box for recycling was about 15 minute drive away.

I live in the provincial capitol, and for one to do recycling, you need to gather them up and drive them to a depot. The closest depot is a fair distance from where I live. I haven’t found a drop off box in my neighborhood. I live in a large apartment building, 120 apartments, and the building does not do recycling. I asked the super, and she stated, the building management doesn’t invest in recycling, so it would be all up to her, and she doesn’t have the time, with all her other responsibilities.

Why is this province to backwards when it comes to recycling and compost. I know I sound like a hippie, I got used to recycling and composting.

Even when you can find a recycling deposit box, the slots are so small. I liked to just gather all my recycling, sorted into the large blue bags, but the boxes don’t accept the blue bags, so we end up opening up the blue bags and firing the recycling in bottle by bottle, small bundle of paper etc. When you have a large amount gathered it takes a while. Often I found the bins were overflowing and not emptied regularly where I lived as well.

It is frustrating. End Rant.


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