Carlton University

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

GC41 is occuring at Carlton University. I have to say from what I have seen of the campus it is a rather beautiful area.

There is a lot going on, GC41, along with some sort of event involving the RCMP and Military all in uniform. I haven’t found out exactly what that is about as of yet.

The campus is beautiful, large, clean and treed. The residence rooms are nice. I didn’t have any issues, they are large, with a double bed, and shared bathroom with another room. There is also a kitchenette.

My only real complaint is that the internet is not wireless, so I have to connect the old fashioned way. I was honestly expecting to have to rough it a little bit. I came here with a small quilt which could be used as a pillow, a towel and a few face clothes.

Thank goodness the residence is air conditioned, it was unexpected but very much appreciated. I know there has been a bit of grumbling about the accomedations, and for some rightly so (rooms not cleaned for check in etc). But so far I have no complaints.

I am sharing the Pod with a woman named Kay from Truro. A nice Maritime woman. I’ve already ran into a few collegues and hope to meet some new people. Tonight is the easy night, worship, opening and communion.

I am never sure when flying if it is alright to take a camera, so you will to excuse pictures will be taken from my cell phone.


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