BzzAgent: Secret Clinical

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Uncategorized


Walking down the personal care aisle of the drugstore can be intimidating. For every item there are multiple brands and types.

Antiperspirant is no different. There are many different brands and formulations. A newer formulation is the “Clinical” formulation.

BzzAgent, a word of mouth marketing company, sent me a trial of Secret Clinical to try.

Just looking at the packaging. It looks similar to any other antiperspirant.


It has a nice scent and has the same consistency as other gel antiperspirants.

The product is used differently than other antiperspirant products however. You need to apply it before going to bed. This allows the product to work more efficiently. It is guarenteed to offer 48 hr odor protection.

After testing this out for a few days I did notice a slight improvement in wetness control and odor control over non clinical antiperspirants. I could not however go 48 hrs without reapplication.

I liked that it went on and stayed on clear and provided more wetness control than non clinical products. It has a nice scent and does not stain clothing.

I would give this 3 out of 5 stars.


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