Still a problem with the Julep eye shadow sticks

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have been an avid maven fan since they started the maven box in 2011. It is my beauty treat.

In the beginning it was only nail polish with beautiful packaging. The Polish would often come in a little black gift box wrapped with bubble wrap and inside similar shipping boxes that they use today.

Over the years there have been delivery and product issues. It is a regular occurrence but I love their products.

More recently Julep has been putting a big focus on makeup. Their latest being the eye shadow sticks.


They come in 6 shades all are fairly similar and can be used together or alone.


I find the package feels cheap and half empty.


This is my second attempt to have shadow sticks that were not jammed into the lid during shipping. As you can tell they were all squished into the lid.



You have to be very careful not to drop the product on the floor.

If you can get past the cheap packaging and the damage in shipping the product is okay.

It goes on smoothly and is buildable. It has a good staying power. I don’t think I would buy these again. I don’t like that they are not as blendable as powder products and I cannot get a very dramatic effect.

I could buy dior or urban decay for around the same price. I wouldn’t recommend buying these.


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