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Source: 7 Reasons Not to Participate in Operation Christmas Child — Emily Joy Poetry


Recently out on the shelves of Canadian grocery stores is a new coke in a green can called Coca-Cola Life. The marketing ploy is that it contains 1/3 of the sugar of regular Coca-Cola (sweetened with stevia and sugar), less calories and no artificial sweeteners.

My once in a while indulgence is a can or bottle of Coca-Cola. I was excited to try a healthier version.

My excitement waned after the first couple sips. It tastes sweeter than regular Coca-Cola and has less of that Coke bite I have come to love. It tastes lighter but in the end reminds me of drinking Coke that has gone flat.

It still contains artificial colors and chemicals. The product may be new and healthier but I will not be buying it again. I will go back to my occasional treat of regular Coca-Cola. 

The other 14 cans of Life will go to the trick-or-treat erstwhile.  I won’t be drinking them.
Overall:Will not buy again

16 months ago I had a debilitating accident. I tore my rotator cuff, sprained my ankle, pulled muscles throughout my back and hips. It’s been an awful process.

About 10 months ago I started seeing an accupucturist that uses active release massage with her treatments. I noticed she always used this mysterious minty smelling ointment at the end of our sessions.

The mysterious ointment was Ping On Ointment. It is a lip gloss consistency and comes in small plastic tubs. 

The ointment goes back almost 200 years. It is a Natural ingredient version of many popular muscle rubs. Rubbed onto the skin it is able to be absorbed through the skin and into the muscle. Menthol, camphor and other herbs help in reducing inflammation and pain.
For myself the smell is relaxing and I find when combined with massage it does help sore muscles.

It can be difficult to find and is easiest found on Amazon.

I love this ointment and how it has helped me during my recovery process.