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Do not plan on taking a vacation here. They cancel reservations without even a month’s notice and the customer service team is not helpful. For an upscale resort I would assume there would be better communication. Here is my experience with this resort.

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to express how disappointed I am with customer service. I had booked a reservation with the Algonquin for the first week of July. At the time I was assured that the hotel would be ready. The only thing that could not be guaranteed was the particular suite that I had wanted to book would be available. I was told that I would be put in a comparable suite if that one was not available.

This was to be our first visit to the Algonquin, and a way for us to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We had booked our vacation time with our work places now that the hotel was booked. We had saved for a few years to afford a couple nights in one of the fancier suites in the hotel at $260+ a night. As I work in a high stress position, this vacation was something we were looking forward to having. We had the sitter booked, some plans made for our time there.

As our excitement built we receive a voice mail on June 10th from Sarah Kane saying there was a problem with our reservation. I called the hotel back to be told that you were now not taking reservations for July and our reservation was cancelled. This was not even a month’s notice. As we both work and are required to book our vacation time in advance we are stuck with taking our vacation time but no place to stay. Very disappointed. This was a vacation 5 years in the making, and our first get away together in the 11 years we’ve been a couple.

We are left without being able to take our first vacation together, needing to cancel the other reservations we have made in the town. We were not offered to rebook at a different time, just simply our reservation was cancelled, even though we were told in May that the Hotel would be ready. I do not understand why you were taking reservations in the first place only to cancel them less than a month before. This is very poor customer service, I have stayed in hotels across the country for business and never had something like this happen.
Customer service appears to be a thing of the past I will never stay at the Algonquin if this it the way guests are treated. I will make sure to tell friends and family to avoid the Algonquin as well. As even credit card guaranteed reservations are cancelled without much notice.

Also, this just shows you the lack in customer service, the email for the manager does not work. It bounces back and they delete any comments regarding a bad experience from their facebook page. Do not stay at this resort.